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Special Events & Raffles

Kayaking at Sunrise

Sunrise or Sunset

Purchase your hand stamp for $5 and get the opportunity to play the game of “Sunrise or Sunset” for a chance to win up to $250 cash! 
At 8:15 pm, to kick off the verbal auction, you will be asked to stand up and select either “Sunrise” (heads) or “Sunset” (tails) by putting your hands on your head or your tail.  A coin will then be flipped and announced either heads or tails.  If you match the coin flip you remain in the game, if not, you are voted off the island and must sit down - the last one standing wins!  In the event that a minimum of a 100 hand stamps are not sold the cash value with revert to a 50/50 cash prize.

Survivor Essentials

Purchase a $20 raffle ticket for your chance to win the survivor essentials prize package.  The prize package includes a Louisiana grill provided by BlockCo ($1,200), ¼ cow provided by Finnerty Beef Farm ($600), and a Smith and Sons gift card ($400). This total package is valued at over $2,200!  One winner will be drawn the night of the auction.  The drawing will be held at 9:00 pm.  Max of 1,000 to be sold


Immunity Idol for Tuition

Purchase your numbered survivor idol necklace for $20 and have a chance to collect the Free Tuition for next school year! The winner will receive one practicing parishioner tuition for the 2022-2023 school year at St. Joseph the Worker, valued at $2,000. Three contestants will be drawn and each will select an idol. Only one of the three will have the real idol. The drawing will be held at 9:30 pm. Max of 200 to be sold.

Castaway Island

Purchase your $10 numbered compass for a chance to win a fabulous “off the grid” vacation.  This package includes essentials to vacation remotely as well as a gift card from AirBnB ($750) to pick a destination of your choice.  “Castaway” essentials include a backpack cooler, foldable chairs, travel hammock, refreezable ice pack, sunscreen, beach towels, insect repellant, portable speaker, and jerky.  The package also includes a survival kit provided by Jay’s Sporting Goods (two hunting vests, fire starter, two compasses, hunting knife, slingshot, storage bag, and $30 gift card).  Total package is valued at over $1,000!  Unplug yourself, rest, relax and enjoy the world around you.  The drawing will be held at 10:00 pm. Max of 300 to be sold.

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